US, Japan and South Korea Proton Therapy Market

iGATE RESEARCH report entitled "Global Proton Therapy Market and Centers Analysis" provides a comprehensive assessment of the fast-evolving, high-growth Proton Therapy Market. This 126 page report with 29 Figures and 10 Tables studies in detail the Global Proton Therapy Market. 

Proton beam therapy is going through an interesting period right now as the unprecedented demand of proton therapy for the treatment of cancer has set the stage for the market to move ahead at a rapid pace. Proton therapy is a type of particle therapy which is used to treat cancer patients by means of proton beams irradiation. The main advantage of proton therapy is that while destroying the target malignant cells, it causes minimal damage to the surrounding cells. Proton therapy uses the ionization technique to inhibit cell proliferation. Protons move slowly through the body and interact with electrons and discharge energy. At a cost of US$ 125 Million, and sometimes much more, today’s centers usually fill a city block. Building and equipping a facility carries financial and logistical challenges that dwarf nearly any other capital project. Even health care systems with deep pockets might not have sufficient land available, particularly in urban areas. 

By 2018, the number of sites providing proton therapy in the US is expected to cross 25. Still, industry experts believe that players will miss out on a majority of cancer patients who can benefit with proton therapy, overlooking a huge multi Billion dollar potential market. In Unites States the numbers of patients treated with Proton Therapy is very low whereas; the potential candidates for proton therapy are in Millions. IBA dominates the proton therapy market in United States while in Japan Mitsubishi is the leading player. However other players like Varian, Mevion, Hitachi etc. have also started to make their presence felt in the market. The increased demand for proton therapy has motivated many prominent cancer centers in the world to provide proton therapy treatment. The number of proton therapy centers worldwide is anticipated to increase year on year with an ever-increasing number of patients.

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